Congress Program

Engage and Learn with Experts from the Industry.

Congress Program

Engage and Learn with Experts from the Industry.

With more than 700 expert speakers and presenters from around-the-world, the 23rd WPC offers a platform for open dialogue to address the world’s changing energy landscape. Under the theme of Innovative Energy Solutions, delegates will have the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions, including 8 plenaries, 16 ministerial and 12 strategic dialogues, 16 CEO panels, 8 expert workshops and approximately 50 technical forums and roundtables.

The technical program will feature 23 technical forums with topics covering innovations in upstream, downstream and petrochemicals, and natural gas.

Other technical sessions will address the future energy landscape and the way forward in managing energy solutions, providing a wide spectrum of issues to be covered by global industry experts. Authors are invited to share world-class solutions to industry challenges by submitting abstracts for paper and poster presentations.

Click the link below to submit your abstracts.

Call for Papers

Technical Program

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions are the cornerstone of the Congress. Starting every day off with two, one-hour sessions giving the framework for each of the five blocks. – Innovation in Upstream, Innovation in Downstream & Petrochemicals, Innovation in Natural Gas, Future Energy Landscape, and Managing Energy Solutions.


Roundtables are highly interactive. They reflect a wide range of points of view and seek to bring all parties to the table in a major discussion format. Invited speakers are to start the session with their opening topic, where the audience is welcome to contribute.

Forum Sessions

Forum Sessions aim at an in-depth focus on certain dedicated issues of each block - Innovation in Upstream, Innovation in Downstream & Petrochemicals, Innovation in Natural Gas, Future Energy Landscape, and Managing Energy Solutions - and invites audience members to participate in the discussion in the form of questions to the speakers.

Technical Posters

Technical Posters will be presented in the Poster Plaza, on the exhibition floor. The Posters will showcase detailed analysis and expert overviews from the five technical forum blocks of the 23rd WPC. All participants will be able to attend the Poster Sessions at set times or view any of the presentations throughout the day.

Expert Workshops

Expert Workshops are designed to address key regional and global issues of interest to the oil and gas industry. Their objective is to bring together international experts for a thorough review of the latest developments, challenges and potential solutions related to the selected subjects, and create a report of the results and conclusions to be presented at the next Congress.

The topics, speakers, and analysis will be developed by a National World Petroleum Council Committee Lead with the support of an International Expert Working Group to create a one- or two-day Expert Workshop with global/regional expertise and involving relevant stakeholders.

The team will then prepare a report of the Expert Workshop conclusions which will be presented at the 23rd WPC in an hour-long Expert Workshop session.

Strategic Program

CEO Sessions

CEO Sessions are interactive meetings designed to support an executive dialogue with the key challenges of the industry with a C-suite agenda.

CEO Panels

CEO Panels are opportunities for C-level speakers to address the congress, sharing the best practices and corporate strategy that has positioned their companies in the spotlight. CEO Panels are high-level discussions allowing panelists to showcase the innovations made under their leadership.

Ministerial Sessions

Ministerial Sessions allow citizens of varying countries to connect with their ministers and have a dialogue about the industry-related happenings within their country. These sessions are an unique opportunity for national companies to connect and hear from their leadership. Ministers are able to bring policy discussions that are impacting their region/country.

U.S. Sessions

As the host country, the United States is positioned to provide standout programming to delegates throughout the event. Speakers for the U.S. Sessions can range from CEOs and high-level executives to academic practitioners who are aware of the state of the industry. With Houston being the industry capital of the world, this is a great opportunity for local professionals to engage in conversation with delegates from all over the world.

Special Programs and Events

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony is a chance to celebrate the 23rd WPC in a big way with introductions and excitement about what is to come.

USA Night

USA Night will be a celebration of the United States. All delegates are welcome to join this evening event and engage in fun and entertainment.

Young Professionals Night

Young Professionals Night is for the Young Professionals "YP's" of the World Petroleum Council to network, mingle and enjoy fun entertainment and what Houston has to offer.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will celebrate the entire congress. USA will pass the flag to Canada, the next host country, to host the 24th World Petroleum congress in 2023.

WPC Excellence Awards

The WPC Excellence Awards (WPCEA) are awarded by the World Petroleum Council at the World Petroleum Congress. This award is given to the most outstanding projects and innovations in the oil and gas industry. The objective of the awards is to distinguish companies, institutions or any public or private organization (not individuals) engaged in the oil and gas industry for promoting or operating with high excellence standards.

Companies submit projects in two categories: Technological Development and Social Responsibility

Dewhurst Lecture & Award

The Dewhurst Lecture & Award is the largest award presented by the World Petroleum Congress. This award is a great honor and is given to celebrate scientific and technological excellence in the petroleum industry. The recipient of the award is well known throughout the industry and have demonstrated unusually high achievements over the years.

Why Dewhurst? In 1933, Mr. Thomas Dewhurst (1881-1973), then President of the Institute of Petroleum in UK, organized what was to become the first World Petroleum Congress. The Dewhurst Lecture is a tribute to him and to the person asked to deliver the Dewhurst Lecture.